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Maintaining the highest quality of life with compassionate caring and knowledgeable management.
Care Management is the process of planning and coordinating care to improve the quality of life and to maintain safety and independence for as long as possible. Health care is integrated with the best possible combination of services such as: housing, placement in a facility, in home care, socialization programs, financial planning and legal assistance. 
A care plan tailored for each client's circumstances is prepared after a comprehensive assessment.  The care plan is then put into action and modified when necessary based on the Care Manager's monitoring of the effectiveness of the components of the care plan. 
A Care Manager is trained to help families deal with the aging process by:
  • Having working knowledge of the health issues associated with aging.
  • Having a sensitivity to family dynamics.
  •  Understanding public and private financial resources.
  • Advocating for clients throughout the continuum of care

Professional Care Managers are degreed, licensed and certified, professionals who act as advocates and specialize in meeting the long-term care needs of their clients.  Most Care Managers have specialized training in gerontology, social work, nursing, and/or counseling.  They have extensive knowledge about the costs, quality, and availability of services in their communities.  By evaluating level of functioning, health, emotional and cognitive state, finances and legal needs, a Professional Elder Care Manager helps to identify problems and offers timely, practical solutions.
Professional Care Managers help ease the stress on families searching for long term care solutions and help them adjust and cope with the challenges of aging by:
  • Offering counseling and support
  • Advocating on their behalf
  • Intervening in a crisis
  • Providing a respite, or
  • As the full time point of contact for all services.
Professional Care Managers work with their clients, their families, communities, trust officers, health professionals and attorneys to assure that needs are met at the highest level thereby maintaining the highest quality of life.

Senior health care, elder care and long-term care management services - Certified professional geriatric care manager - Care planning services for the aged - Case management for the elderly and older adults – Coordination of senior services, aging resources, continuing care and home health care - Supervise home health services for the elderly, and aging persons in their own home or in an independent living, assisted living or residential facility - Home visits and nursing home visits – Medication monitoring - Medical assistance - Transportation to doctor appointments and social activities - Serving Venice, Nokomis, Osprey, Englewood and North Port, Florida, FL.
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